19 Things You Don't Know About Levi Ackerman Of Attack on Titan(Challenge!)

Who is Levi Ackerman? 

Levi Ackerman who is often referred as Captain Levi is the squad captain of the special operations squad within the survey corps.
Levi is a fictional character played by Hiroshi Kamiya and the character was created by Hajime Isayama.
19 Reasons why Levi Ackerman Of season Attack on Titan is So Popular(Must Know)

He is often referred as Humanity's Strongest Soldier.

Some more information about him:
Age: Early 30s
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 160cm
Weight: 65kg
Occupation: Soldier
Rank: Squad Captain
Residence: Wall Rose

Birth: December 25(Place Unknown)

It is true that he is so popular as compared to anyone in Attack on Titan.

Some of the rare facts about Levi from Attack on Titan:

  • Levi once wished that he could be bit taller.
  • Levi thought to get suicide at one point in his life. 
  • Levi was insisted to marry petra by her father, but that does not mean that Levi loves her.

19 reasons why he is so popular could be:

  1. His prime objective is to complete his job no matter how much difficulties he faces in his path.
  2.  Compared to others his qualities and abilities are higher than any one. 
  3. In combat mode he is much faster than anyone. 
  4. He is one of the honest guys who is true to his path no matter what happens. 
  5. He is extremely calm and often makes it difficult for others to guess what he is thinking. 
  6. He is so strong in battlefields.
  7. He has menacing eyes and great haircut.
  8. He rarely shows his emotions.
  9. He does not belittle others who irritate him.
  10. His sense of humor is dark.
  11. He has a strong sense of morality.
  12. He has a strong feeling of empathy.
  13. He cares greatly about his subordinates welfare.
  14. Levi operates independently.
  15. He is most Loyal towards his comrades.
  16. Shows no mercy towards the Titans.
  17. Only he can handle certain difficult tasks.
  18. Levi is known to be clean freak man.
  19. Does not hesitate to give orders when necessary.
Probably these are the 19 Things You Don't Know About Levi Ackerman Of Attack On Titan Attack on Titan.

Other Facts about Levi Ackerman:
19 Reasons why Levi Ackerman Of season Attack on Titan is So Popular(Must Know)
He is a shocking figure who went through one catastrophic event after another. 

At the point when he is just a little kid, his mom, a whore, kicks the bucket after a vague sickness, leaving him starving and what not. 

He is then raised and in this manner deserted by his psychopathic uncle Kenny. 
He looses his two dearest companions in the most grisly manner, to a titan on their first undertaking outside the dividers subsequent to joining the scouts, seeing their ravaged cadavers direct.
( Seeing him tune in to Eren, Mikasa and Armin, talk about observing the rest of the world, siting all alone, independently, presumably contemplating his lost companions was very sad).

His entire crew, aside from Eren are cleared out by Annie attempting to bring down her titan. 
He experiences this, however he continues enduring, yes he has issues, as referenced previously, yet these occasions have shaped him into a very intriguing character.

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