What Is Anime And The Difference Between Cartoons and Anime (2021 Updated)

 What is Anime?

Anime is a hand drawn and computer animation that has originated from Japan.

According To Wikipedia In Japanese, anime is a term derived from the English word animation, that describes about all the animated works, regardless of the style or origin.


What Is Anime And The Difference Between Cartoons and Anime

I am gonna explain to you completely about  What is Anime and What are the difference between Cartoons and Anime.

Read the Complete Article here and I'm also going to share You Some of the best Anime content updated list Available till Date ..!

Anime definition: 

Anime is a style of Japanese film and TV animation. It is mainly focused on adults and children.

Anime in simple sense is Japanese Cartoons.

Anime is widely popular. Do you know why?

Anime is very popular. There is much amount of choice. That's the reason it excites many.

Anime has become a hit. It had reached many audiences around the world. Do you know it is the popular in form of entertainment in Japan.

It comes in the  form of Television show, movie as well as direct video release but Most of the anime comes from the Manga Series(Japanese comic).

Most of them like anime as it talks a lot about friendship. It has many Fairy tales. They are very touching and fun to watch. People feel happy every time they see it.

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Who is the Father of Anime?

What Is Anime And The Difference Between Cartoons and Anime
Post World War II (1939 to 1945) a young artist called Osamu Tezuka became a cartoonist and published his first work Shintakarajima(called New Treasure Island in English). 

Since his childhood he was a very big fan of Walt Disney's early animations. Many were impressed by Tezuka's original style. 

He got fame only after the release of his ultimate work called Tetsuwan Atomu(Astro Boy)

He was known as the Father of Manga and Anime(Zagzoug).

What are some of the reasons on why people like Anime?

  • People are attracted to what is different.
  • The connection they feel towards the characters.
  • fun and entertaining
  • Anime is innovative and unique.
  • relatable characters
  • Its a fun way to learn.
  • Helps people with autism.
  • It makes you happy.
  • The way the characters are made to act. It attracts the audience.
  • Anime's give us beautiful messages like making some of the pessimistic people to change their attitude towards their views and opinion.

What are the differences between anime and cartoon?


  • Anime are produced in Japan
  • Has Mature content
  • Deep themes
  • Detailed drawing style
  • Characterized for their eyes
  • Stereotyped for violence


  • Cartoons are produced in the west.
  • Mainly targeted for Kids.
  • Humorous themes
  • Deformed drawing style
  • Identified by their heads
  • Stereotyped for kids

The Seven Most Popular Characters in Anime History:

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge
  2. Lawliet
  3. Monkey D.Luffy
  4. Levi Ackerman( Do you wanna Know more about him. Follow this link)
  5. Edward Elric
  6. Light Yagami
  7. Rintarou Okabe

What are some good anime shows to watch?

Its a really very tough one to answer. Its not easy to pick only one. But you can go with Deathnote.
What Is Anime And The Difference Between Cartoons and Anime

Over the years Deathnote was one of the most best anime you could come across.
It was released on 2006. It is one of the best suspense thriller of all-time. Most importantly the story keeps you guessing. It gives goosebumps watching. 

It is very difficult to say which character is protagonist and which character is the antagonist.

The entire plot is enthralling and exciting. There are a total of 37 episodes in the first season. Yet you never feel bored. The storyline is amazing. I don't wanna give the spoilers, so dont forget to watch it.

I hope You had enjoyed the Article and Well aware about What is an Anime and What are the differences between Anime and Cartoons.
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