6 Fun & Effective ways to Boost your vocabulary || Tricks to learn English vocabulary fast (200%works)

6 Fun & Effective ways to Boost your vocabulary(200%works)

1) Voracious Reading

6 Fun & Effective ways to Boost your vocabulary
The more and more you read especially the novels, comics, magazines, newspaper etc the more words you will learn

Firstly but a separate notebook. Whenever you come across new words add them to your notebook with elaborate explanation. Make newspaper reading a habit. Read daily. Reading newspaper has two advantages in fact three- 

  • You can boost you vocabulary
  • You can increase your current affairs knowledge which can be helpful for your competitive exams
  • It also helps in reading passages quickly which are given in exams.

2) Always keep a dictionary
6 Fun & Effective ways to Boost your vocabulary

Use whatever versions you like- in print, software, or online. A good quality dictionary is one multiple times better than google translate. When you discover a new word, see dictionary to get both its pronunciation and its meaning. Next, go to the thesaurus and find similar words and phrases and their synonyms and antonyms.

3) Keep a goal of learning 10 new words a day

Keep a goal like learning 10 new words a day. If  you learn ten new words a day. You can master 1500 words in 5 months and 3600 words in a year. Its a slow process but an efficient one. You cant learn them in one month. Though you try you will forget soon. Slow and steady wins the race. So keep a goal of learning 10 new words a day.

4) Play some fun vocabulary games

Fun Vocabulary games that challenge you helps you in learning new words. They are a great tool for boosting your vocabulary. You can play crossword puzzle, word jumble, anagrams, boggle. Even you can download some fun learning vocabulary apps from the play store.

5) Through Flashcards

6 Fun & Effective ways to Boost your vocabulary

You can also learn through flashcards. Flashcards are an incredibly simple way to master new words. What you have to do is. Note down new English word on one side of the card and note down its definition or its translation in your own native language on the other side of the card. After creating many flashcards, whenever you get bored take all cards. Randomly pick up a card, read one side of it and try to remember what's written on the other side of the card. Through this way you can easily master vocab.

6) Through Mnemonic techniques

6 Fun & Effective ways to Boost your vocabulary

Mnemonic is nothing but a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which assists in remembering something. 

For eg: Take the word abhor. What is the meaning of Abhor? Abhor means detest, hate.

How to remember this word? 

For this I am dividing abhor in to two words that is A + Bore = Abhor. Generally we hate a boring person. So the meaning of Abhor is hate. Like this way we can learn many words and boost our vocabulary.

Actually we have already started vocabulary mnemonics memory tricks  for learning vocabulary. You can visit our blog and see vocabulary section of the blog for learning vocab in a fun and easy way.

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These are the tricks to learn English vocabulary fast.

Hope you have a nice day.

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