Easy tricks for Vocabulary learning with free PDF download (Day 3)

Easy tricks for Vocabulary learning Day 3

Easy tricks for vocabulary day 3

Easy tricks for IDIOMS AND PHRASES (DAY 3)

1) Big gun: An influential person, very important and powerful person in an organisation or area of activity.

Trick to remember: Powerful persons have Z+ security. The security guards carry big guns to protect them.

जो बडे लोग होते है उनको protect करने के लिए security वाले बडे gun रखते है। 
eg: She is a big gun in city politics.

2) Keep under one's hat: to keep something a secret, to not tell anyone about(something).

Trick to remember: किसी  को  नही  दिखे जैसा  टोपी  के नीचे  छुपा  कर रखना

Hiding things under a hat without knowing to others.

eg: I will tell you what had happened. But promise me that you will keep it under your hat.

3) Feel like a million dollars: feeling so wonderful, feel extremely good

Trick to remember: कैसे feel करोगे अगर तुम को एक million dollar lottery मिलेगा तो ? बहुत शानदार feel होगाना।

How do you feel when you get a lottery of one million dollar.You will feel extremely good.

eg: When you are self-confident, you will look and feel like a million dollars.

4) Filthy rich: very rich
Trick to remember: Fil (FILM) जो बनी thy(thee) उसके प्रोडूसर बहुत rich है।

eg: His father is filthy rich so obviously he is not worried about choosing the right university.

5) As high as a kite: very drunk or intoxicated, high on drugs or excitement.

Trick to remember: जब कोई शराब लेता है, तो वो इतना ऊपर उडता है जितना पतंग उडता है।

The ones who drink much will get as high like a kite in the sky.

eg: I tried to talk to her after the party, but she was as high as a kite.

Easy tricks for Vocabulary (Day 3)

1) Podgy/ pudgy: very fat, obese,
(of a person or part of their body) rather fat; chubby.

Trick to remember: (podgy= पड गयी), नीचे पड गयी, वो लडकी बहुत fat थी इसलिए भागते भागते गिर गयी।

eg: Varun, your front tire is looking a bit podgy.

2) Portly: very fat, obese

Trick to remember: (portly = पोटली) He is so fat that that his stomach is like पोटली. पेट पे पोटली लटका कर चल रहा है

eg: Because the portly woman was unhappy with her weight, she joined a weight loss program.

3) Assiduous: hardworking, constant in application or effort; working diligently at a task

Trick to remember: Assiduous(As Sid Want to go to US) for higher studies he is working very hard.

eg: With your assiduous attempt at learning French, I think you will master the language in no time.

4) Diligent: hardworking, having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties.

Trick to remember: dili(Delhi) + gent. Delhi gents are very hard working.

eg: From his youth he was diligent in his studies.

5) Toil: hard work, exhausting physical labour

Trick to remember: Toilet साफ करने के लोए महनत करना पडता है. It takes extra bit of hard work to clean a toilet.

eg: You should hire rahul because he is a hard worker who will toil until the job is done.

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Just remind once
Idioms and phrases:
1) Big gun
2) Keep under one's hat
3) Feel like a million dollars
4) Filthy rich
5) As high as a kite

1) What is the meaning of podgy ?
2) What is the meaning of pudgy ?
3) What is the meaning of portly ?
4) What is the meaning of assiduous ?
4) What is the meaning of diligent ?
6) What is the meaning of toil ?

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