Easy tricks for Vocabulary learning with Free PDF download (Day 2)

Easy tricks for Vocabulary learning Day 2

Easy tricks for Vocabulary learning Day 2

Easy tricks for IDIOMS AND PHRASES (DAY 2)

1) Pass the hat: to collect money, to ask a number of people to give money for something, esp. to help pay for something or reward someone

Trick to remember: आप movies मे देखे होगे, जब streets मे performance खतम होती है, तो वो टोपी पास करते हैजो भी प्रेक्षक देख रहे है उन्से पैसे collect करने के लिए

After performing something they pass the hat for collecting money.

eg: They're passing the hat around the company to get money for charity.

2) Apples and Oranges: different things, two completely different things that it is useless to compare

Trick to remember: apples और oranges do अलग अलग fruits है। 

Apples and oranges are two different things.

eg: To compare Indian food with Mexican food is to compare apples with oranges.

3) Feel at home: to feel comfortable and relaxed

Trick to remember: जब कोई मेहमान अत है तो हम उनको comfortable और relax feel करवाने के लिए हम बोलते है घर जैसा feel करो

To make our guests feel comfortable and relaxed we often say to them to feel like their home.

eg: By the end of the week varun was beginning to feel at home in his new job.

4) Couch potato: a person who prefers to watch television, a person who watches too much television.

Trick to remember: Couch मतलब sofa है। जब आदमी sofa पे बिना हिले सारा दिन TV देखेगे तो वो potato जैसे मोटा होजायेगा।

When a person watches too much television sitting on a couch without moving then he will become like a potato (like a stout)

eg: My brother is so lazy that he does nothing whole day, but sits on the couch and watch television and now I call him couch potato.

5) Cost an arm and a leg: Very expensive

Trick to remember: जब accident में हात पाँव टूट जाते है तो operation करने के लिए बहुत पैसा लग जाता है।

It becomes very expensive to treat a person who loses an arm and a leg in an accident.

eg: The coat had cost him an arm and a leg.

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Easy tricks for Vocabulary learning (day 2)

1) Juvenile: young, a juvenile is a child or young person who is not yet old enough to be regarded as an adult.

Trick to remember: Juven= jawan (जवान)

eg: The boy's case was adjudged in the juvenile court.

2) Lampoon: to criticize, publicly criticize (someone or something) by using ridicule.

Trick to remember: जब वो बहार खेलने जाता है तो lamp on करके चला जाता है। हर दिन lamp off करना भूल जाता है। इसलिए उसे उसकी mummy डाँट थी है

Whenever he leaves the room he keeps lamp on. That's why his mom scolds/criticizes him as he forgets to off it everyday.

eg: His cartoon mercilessly lampoon the leading politician of the day.

3) Sedulous: hardworking, (of a person or action) showing dedication and diligence

Trick to remember: sedulous= schedule. जो schedule भना ता है वो hard work करता है। One who makes a schedule or time table he will work hard.

eg: Even though you completely destroy the ant bed time after time, those sedulous ants will continue to go right back to work rebuilding it.

4) Abhor: hate, to feel strong aversion or intense dislike for

Trick to remember: abhor= a + bore. He is a boring person. He does not talk. You will hate him.

eg: People who seek peace abhor violence.

5) Sabbatical: paid leave, a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher or other worker for study or travel.

Trick to remember: sabbatical= sab + bate + kal. सब बाते कल करेंगे क्यू की कल छुट्टी है मेरी।

eg: Several professors will be taking sabbaticals this year.

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Just remind once

Idioms and phrases:

1) Pass the hat

2) Apples and Oranges

3) Feel at home

4) Couch potato

5) Cost an arm and a leg


1) What is the meaning of Juvenile ?

2) What is the meaning of Lampoon ?

3) What is the meaning of Sedulous ?

4) What is the meaning of Abhor ?

5) What is the meaning of Sabbatical ?

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