Easy tricks for Vocubalary learning with Free Pdf download (Day 1)

Easy Tricks for Vocabulary Learning Day 1

Easy tricks for Vocabulary day 1

Learn vocabulary just in seconds with our Easy tricks for Vocabulary learning course.These words are not easy to get memorized. But w
ith the help of our unique memory tricks you will find it easy.

Easy tricks for Idioms and Phrases (Day 1)

1) A Red Letter Day

Meaning: An important day, happy and significant day, a special day, a memorable day

Trick to remember: Calendar में जो भी important day होता है वो हम red colour मे mark करते हैना

The important days in Calendar are marked in red colour.

Sentence: January 3rd will be a red letter day for him, he is getting married.

2) To flog a dead horse

Meaning: To waste time in useless effort, to attempt to do impossible, to revive interest in a hopeless issue.

Trick to remember: Flog का मतलब पीटना होता है। मरी हुवी घोड़े को मारने से कुछ फ़ायदा नहीं है। पीट पीट कर मारने से वो जिन्दा नहीं होगी। जो भी effort लगाया हैसारा कुछ बेकार हो जायेगा।

Flog means to beat or hit with a stick or rod. There is no use flogging a dead horse. It wont become alive. All the efforts you tried will become useless. The time gets wasted. There is no outcome.

Sentence: I've told varun many times to manage his routine effectively, but I think I've just been flogging a dead horse.

3) Donkey's years

Meaning: a long time, an action that has continued for a very long time.

Trick to remember: गधे की तरह क्यू काम कर रहा है। और कितना दिन लगाएगा काम complete करने के लिए। 

Why are you taking long time to complete the task. You are working like a donkey.

Sentence: My parents have lived in Delhi for donkey's years.

4) Milk and Water

Meaning: Weak, insipid.

If you think that someone's suggestions or ideas are weak or sentimental, you can say that they are milk and water.

Trick to remember: दूध में पानी ज्यादा मिलाने से  दूध की quality कम (weak) होजायेगी।

If you add water in milk. The quality of milk becomes weak.

Sentence: a milk and water government (lacking the will or ability to act effectively)

5) Pin Prick

Meaning: Troubles that are for short time, a minor annoyance or irritation

Trick to remember: जब blood test को जाते हैतो blood sample लेने के लिए nurse pin चुभाकर blood लेती हैतब थोड़ी देर के लिए ही थोड़ा सा pain या irritation feel होता है

Sentence: The bite may be painful from the start, but more often only feels like a pinprick or mild burning sensation.

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Easy tricks for Vocabulary (Day 1)

1) Malaise

Meaning: uneasiness, distress, sickness, feeling of discomfort, illness

Trick to remember:  जब बच्चे को होती बेचैनी (uneasiness) माँ करती है बच्चे की maalish(malaise)

Sentence: Ramu knew he was getting ill because of the malaise he had been experiencing for a few days.

2) Itinerant

Meaning: roaming, nomadic, a person who travels from place to place.

Trick to remember: (itinerant = itnee si rent) देके auto में इधर उधर घूमना।With cheap rent he is traveling from one place to another.

Sentence: The documentary follows the life of an itinerant homeless man who never sleeps in a location more than once.

3) Baneful:

Meaning: harmful or destructive

Trick to remember: ban करो जो harmful है। Ban those things which are very harmful.

Sentence: If not cooked properly, the fish can be baneful to humans.

4) Impost:

Meaning: tax

Trick to remember: I am posted in tax department.

Sentence: Australia makes no impost on pension benefits after the age of 60.

5) Stout:

Meaning: fat, obese

Trick to remember: st(stomoach) + out = stout. Those who are very fat generally their stomach is out.

Sentence: He was a tall, stout man with white hair.

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1) A red letter day

2) To flog a dead horse

3) Donkey's years

4) Milk and water

5) Pin Prick


1) What is the meaning of Malaise

2) What is the meaning of Itinerant ?

3) What is the meaning of Baneful ?

4) What is the meaning of Impost ?

5) What is the meaning of Stout ?

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