Easy tricks for vocabulary learning with free PDF download (Day 11)


Easy tricks for vocabulary learning Day 11

Easy tricks for Vocabulary day 11

1) Novice: Beginner, inexperienced person, नया 

Trick to remember: (Nov = नव (नया), ice = इसे)  ये नया है इसे सिखाओ। 

eg: When it came to coding complicated functions, the inexperienced coder was a novice.

2) Jubilant: overjoyed, ecstatic, खुश, उल्लासित 

Trick to remember: Company के Golden Jubilee पर सारे employees खुश है। 

eg: Rahul could not control his jubilant emotions after winning the lottery.

3) Stalwart: strong and brave, loyal, reliable and hard working, साहसी, बलवान, वीर 

Trick to remember: सब से talwar से लडेगा तो strong and brave है। 

eg: When the king was accompanied by his stalwart bodyguards, he felt safe walking among his people.

4) Slapdash: Careless, done too hurriedly and carelessly, बेपरवाही से

Trick to remember: (slapdash = slap + दसदस थप्पड पडी है क्यूँ की वो careless था।

eg: The shelves were put up slapdash.

5) Jeopardy: Danger of injury, loss, death etc, risk, खतरा

Trick to remember: Jeopardy sounds like leopard. Leopard आ गया गाँव में सबको injury का खतरा है। 

eg: Driving after you had too much drink puts your life in jeopardy.

Just remind once

1) What is the meaning of Novice ?
2) What is the meaning of Jubilant ?
3) What is the meaning of Stalwart ?
4) What is the meaning of Slapdash ?
5) What is the meaning of Jeopardy ?

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