Easy tricks for vocabulary learning with free PDF download (Day 4)

Easy tricks for Vocabulary learning Day 4

Learn Vocabulary with tricks Day 4

Easy tricks for IDIOMS AND PHRASES (DAY 4)

1) All Greek and Latin: Very difficult to understand.

Trick to remember:  जब किसीको Greek और Latin नहीं आती , तो उसे wo language पढ़ने में मुश्किल होगी

If a person does not know the language of Greek and Latin, then he finds very difficult to understand the text written in that language.

eg: Soccer is one of those games that, whenever I try to watch it, it's all Greek and Latin to me because I don't understand the rules.

2) A Frog in someone's throat: Difficulty in speaking, the inability to speak due to fear.

Trick to remember: Imagine जब मूह में मेंडक रहेगा तो बात करने में मुश्किल तो होगी।

Just imagine you have a frog in your mouth and you try to start talking, you will find difficulty in speaking.

eg: Raghu couldn't say a word in the meeting and looked completely terrified. He must have had a frog in his throat.

3) Have two left feet: to be very clumsy or awkward especially in regards to one's feet. 

To move in a very awkward way when dancing.

Trick to remember: Imagine you have two left feet and you are dancing. Then you will move in a very awkward way when dancing.

eg:  I have two left feet, and I can't dance at all.

4) Gala day: A day of festivity, a day of great happiness

Trick to remember: ईद के दिन खुशी से गले मिलते हैना। 

eg: Republic Day is a gala day for whole of the India.

5) To send someone packing: Dismiss from job, to eject, expel or dismiss someone.

Trick to remember: Boss said वो ठीक  se काम नहीं कर रहा है। Dismiss करदो उसको। उसके सारा सामान  pack करके घर भेजदो।

Easy tricks for Vocabulary (DAY 4)

1) Exemplar: a person or thing serving as a typical example or appropriate model, epitome or paragon, perfect example

Trick to remember: (Example) उसी की example दिया जाता है जो exemplar है। 

eg: I think a president should indeed strive to be an exemplar.

2) Renounce: to give up by formal declaration, to say formally that you no longer want to have something or to be connected with something.

Trick to remember: (rani + announce)
Rani ने  announce किया की वो अपनी पध renounce(मतलब त्याग देना) कर रही है। 

eg: To renounce worldly pleasures.

3) Disgruntled: unhappy, disappointed and annoyed, dissatisfied

Trick to remember: Disgruntled= Desh + grant. देश की सर्कार grant क्यों नहीं दे रही है CBI Enquiry का। Students are disgruntled. 

eg: Even though Varun is disgruntled about losing his job, he still plans to find another one in the same field.

4) Savant: Scholar, a learned person

Trick to remember: Rakhi Sawant खुद को बहुत विद्वान समझ थी है।  

eg: She is a savant in the field of medical ethics

5) Demise: The death of a person

Trick to remember: De(Dekho) + Mise(Mice मतलब चूहा) . देखो mice ka demise होगया। 

eg: His Friend's demise occurred unexpectedly in a traffic accident.

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Just remind once
Idioms and Phrases

1) All Greek and Latin
2) A Frog in someone's throat
3) Have two left feet
4) Gala day
5) To send someone packing


1) What is the meaning of exemplar ?
2) What is the meaning of renounce ?
3) What is the meaning of disgruntled ?
4) What is the meaning of savant ?
5) What is the meaning of demise ?

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