Easy tricks for vocabulary learning with free PDF download (Day 10)


Easy tricks for vocabulary learning Day 10

Easy tricks for vocabulary learning day 10

Easy tricks for Vocabulary day 10

1) Doleful: filled with sadness or grief, mournful, शोकग्रस्त 

Trick to remember: dole = डोली , ful = full. जब लड़की की डोली उड़ती है शादी के बाद सारे (especially माँ बापशोकग्रस्त हो जाते है। 

eg: Because Varun has not received any news of his missing son, he has been doleful to the point of not being able to eat or sleep.

2) Dejected: despondent, unhappy, sad and depressed, उदास 

Trick to remember: dejected sounds like rejected. He always gets rejected. That is why he is unhappy.

eg: He stood in the street looking dejected.

3) Melancholy: gloomy, sorrowful, sadness, उदासी

Trick to remember: (melancholy = mela + holy) ना मेला है ना होली। That is why he is so sad.

eg: The film’s tragic ending put us all in a melancholy mood.

4) Dolorous: Sad, gloomy, उदास

Trick to remember: (dolorous = Dolor + USA). Dolor कमाने USA गया। लेकिन job नहीं मिली इसलिए वो उदास है।

eg: The voice of the mournful chanter called to dolorous prayer.

5) Salubrious: healthful, healthy, स्वस्त

Trick to remember: Sallu(Salman Khan) is healthy.

eg: Vegetables are salubrious foods which provide essential nutrients.

Just remind once

1) What is the meaning of Doleful ?
2) What is the meaning of Dejected ?
3) What is the meaning of Melancholy ?
4) What is the meaning of Dolorous ?
5) What is the meaning of Salubrious ?

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