Easy tricks for vocabulary learning with free PDF download (Day 16)


Easy tricks for vocabulary learning Day 16

Easy tricks for vocabulary learning day 16

Easy tricks for Vocabulary day 16

1) Beset: trouble (someone or something) persistently, torment, harass, तंग करना, नाक में दम करना, सताना 

Trick to remember: (Be = big, set = सेठ)
Big सेठ छोटे आदमी को सताते है। 

eg: We were beset by enemies.

2) Beleaguer: harass, cause problems or difficulties for, to trouble persistently, तंग करना 

Trick to remember: (Beleaguer = बिल्ली + घर)
बिल्ली घर में परेशान करती है। 

eg: When Rohit gets bored, he will beleaguer his younger brother for entertainment.

3) Gamut: The complete range or scope of something, the range of a voice or instrument

Trick to remember: (Gamut = गा मत)
गा मत तेरा range नही है। 

eg: In my town, we experience a gamut of weather conditions in the winter, everything from bright sunny days to horrible snowstorms.

4) Brittle: fragile, delicate, breakable, नाजुक 

Trick to remember: Britannia biscuits बहुत नाजुक होते है। Easily टूट  जाते है।

eg: Because elderly people have brittle bones, they frequently injure themselves.

5) Carnage: Massacre, हत्याकांड, सामूहिक हत्या

Trick to remember: (Carnage = Car ने आज)
एक car ने आज चार लोगो को घायल करदिया

                                           Just remind once

1) What is the meaning of Beset ?
2) What is the meaning of Beleaguer ?
3) What is the meaning of Gamut ?
4) What is the meaning of Brittle ?
5) What is the meaning of Carnage ?

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