Memory tricks for vocabulary learning with free PDF download (Day 20)


Memory tricks for vocabulary learning Day 20

Memory tricks for vocabulary day 20

Memory tricks for Vocabulary day 20

1) Approbation

Meaning: approval or praise, प्रशंसा

Trick to remember: (Approbation = After + probation)
After probation the management praised his good work and made him a permanent employee.

Sentence: I need to write a powerful resume to gain approbation from an employer. 

2) Apprehension:

Meaning: nervousness, anxious, fearful, uneasiness

Trick to remember: (Apprehension = Ab pre(prelims) hai son)
अब prelims exam है son. Are you anxious or fearful about what will happen?

Sentence: Students are quite apprehensive about results.

3) Anathema

Meaning: a religious curse, अभिशाप

Trick to remember: [Anathema = अनाथ (orphan) + माँ (mother)]
She became अनाथ after losing her माँ because of an anathema (a religious curse)

Sentence: The epidemic which killed dozens of small children was an anathema to the residents of the town.

4) Amiss

Meaning: not quite right, inappropriate or out of place

Trick to remember: (Amiss = missing)
Something is missing. Something is not right or inappropriate.

Sentence: After five police cars surrounded my neighbor’s house, I knew something was amiss there.

5) Apocalypse

Meaning: Complete destruction of the world, कयामत

Trick to remember: (Apocalypse = A + big eclipse)
According to a prediction in 2012, a big eclipse would have led to an apocalypse (complete destruction of the world)

Sentence: The movie 2012 is based on the concept of apocalypse.

Just remind once

1) What is the meaning of Approbation ?
2) What is the meaning of Apprehension ?
3) What is the meaning of Anathema ?
4) What is the meaning of Amiss ?
5) What is the meaning of Apocalypse ?

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