Average Salary of NIT Graduates | How much a NIT Graduate Earn in 2021

Lakhs of Students Each year Apply for getting a Seat in NITs.
NITs consider the best Institutions for undergraduate programs after IITs.
Here I'm discussing Average Salary of NIT Graduates and How much They Earn.

Why NITs:

As I earlier stated NITs are some of the reputed Institutions in India.
Some NITs have even Better curriculum than IITs.

Average Salary of NIT Graduates:
Salary of NITs graduate Vary from 5Lpa to 12Lpa.
Below I'm providing List of Top NITs with their Salary Range.
This will help you understand the level of NITs and salary.

Let's Check out:

Average Salary of NIT Graduates

CollegeNIRF Ranking 2020Academic YearNo. of students graduating in minimum stipulated timeNo. of students placedMedian salary of placed graduates
NIT Trichy92018-198035779 lakhs
NIT Surathkal132018-197886928 lakhs
NIT Rourkela162018-195114526.5 lakhs
NIT Warangal192018-197526449 lakhs
NIT Calicut232018-198327508 lakhs
NIT Nagpur272018-196784376 lakhs
NIT Jaipur352018-195654756.5 lakhs
BIT Ranchi382018-195854128 lakhs
NIT Kurukshetra402018-197215426.5 lakhs
NIT Silchar462018-195534076.27 lakhs
NIT Durgapur472018-197485226 lakhs
NIT Allahabad482018-198326718 lakhs
NIT Jalandhar522018-196854906 lakhs
NIT Surat542018-197275166.72 lakhs
NIT Shillong612018-191191045 lakhs
NIT Bhopal652018-198346186.5 lakhs
NIT Raipur672018-197534666.5 lakhs
NIT Agartala752018-196273505.5 lakhs
NIT Goa772018-1966536.4 lakhs
NIT Jamshedpur792018-195734706.5 lakhs
IIIT Jabalpur812018-192961737.5 lakhs
NIT Patna922018-194734196 lakhs
NIT Hamirpur982018-194693316.78 lakhs

I Hope above analysis Will help You the basic Understanding and Your choice of Selection.
Thanks For reading.

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