Memory tricks for vocabulary learning with free PDF download (Day 22)


Memory tricks for vocabulary learning Day 22

Memory tricks for vocabulary day 22

Memory tricks for Vocabulary day 22

1) Behest

Meaning: A person's orders or command, instruction, आदेश

Trick to remember: (Behest = Be in your nest)
Consider a situation where a general is ordering a cadet during emergency. Be in your nest. Do not come out. It is an order.

Sentence: At the president's behest, the prisoner will be pardoned for his crimes.

2) Bemoan

Meaning: To express grief or sorrow over (something)

Trick to remember: (Bemoan = मौन)
On Sad events, such as Martyrs day, we generally observe two minutes of silence (मौन) to express grief.

Sentence: Don't bemoan anything or anyone that you need to leave behind.

3) Bolster

Meaning: To support, strengthen, aid, assist

Trick to remember: (Bolster = Booster)
Booster which means giving extra energy and hence to support.

Sentence: Free tickets were given away to bolster attendance at the game.

4) Cacophony

Meaning: harsh sounds, an unpleasant mixture of loud sounds

Trick to remember: Cacophony is made of two root words, caco and phony.
Caco = bad
Phony = Sound
So cacophony means harsh sounds.

Sentence: Old people consider rock music as sheer cacophony.

5) Capitulate

Meaning: To surrender, to give up

Trick to remember: (Capitulate = Capital + Ate)
If someone ate the capital then the king should surrender.

Sentence: We will never capitulate to pressure from outside.

Just remind Once

1) What is the meaning of Behest ?
2) What is the meaning of Bemoan ?
3) What is the meaning of Bolster ?
4) What is the meaning of Cacophony ?
5) What is the meaning of Capitulate ?

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