Memory tricks for vocabulary learning with free PDF download (Day 23)


Memory tricks for vocabulary learning Day 23

Memory tricks for vocabulary day 23

Memory tricks for Vocabulary day 23

1) Captivate

Meaning: To attract, to enthral, to hold the attention of

Tricks to remember: (Captivate = Captain + Wait)
The captain waited to talk to her as he was captivated(attracted) by her beauty.

Sentence: Her blue eyes and red hair captivated him.

2) Castigate

Meaning: To criticize severely, to punish in order to correct

Tricks to remember: Anyone who favors caste system must be castigated(punished)

Sentence: The people who follow caste system should be castigated.

3) Chastise

Meaning: To inflict punishment, berate, scold

Tricks to remember: (Chastise = Chest on ice)
In movies you find whenever a criminal is caught by the police, he is tortured by placing him naked on ice bars. This is a form of punishment.

Sentence: The government must chastise the offender to regain public confidence.

4) Chide

Meaning: To scold or rebuke

Tricks to remember: (Chide = Child + hide)
Whenever the child does something wrong, he hides himself to avoid scolding.

Sentence: She chided him for not replying to her letters.

5) Clemency

Meaning: Mercy, leniency, क्षमादान

Tricks to remember: (Clemency = Claim + Mercy)
Imagine a person who is going to be killed. He is claiming mercy. O Lord! please show clemency.

Sentence: The Indian President can grant clemency to criminals on death penanlty.

Just remind Once

1) What is the meaning of Captivate ?
2) What is the meaning of Castigate ?
3) What is the meaning of Chastise ?
4) What is the meaning of Chide ?
5) What is the meaning of Clemency ?

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