Memory tricks for vocabulary learning day 24


Memory tricks for vocabulary learning Day 25

Memory tricks for vocabulary day 24

Memory tricks for Vocabulary day 24

1) Cloister

Meaning: Seclusion, isolation, a place where monks or nuns live

Tricks to remember: (Cloister = Closed oyster)
Imagine a closed oyster with a pearl inside it. The pearl is secluded/isolated from the outside world.

Sentence: They left the cluster and wandered in search of food.

2) Construe

Meaning: Explain, interpret, to give meaning

Tricks to remember: (Construe =   कोनसा answer true है)
कोनसा answer true है। Please explain.

Sentence: We were all amazed by the detective's ability to construe logic out of the killer's strange riddle.

3) Contraband

Meaning: Smuggling, illegal trade

Tricks to remember: (Contraband = Cons truck banned)
A con man's truck was banned because he was involved in contraband(smuggling)

Sentence: The police looked for drugs, guns and other contraband.

4) Contrite

Meaning: Feeling guilt, remorse, repent, regret

Tricks to remember: (Contrite = Can't + right)
I regret that I can't do anything right.

Sentence: The killer was contrite at his sins.

5) Conundrum

Meaning: A riddle, a mystery, a confusing and difficult problem or question

Tricks to remember: (Conundrum = कौन drum बजा रहा है)
For the last three nights, I have been hearing the sound of drums. But I still don't know who is playing the drums(कौन drum बजा रहा है ?)
पता नहीं। It's a mystery.

Sentence: I like to solve conundrums.

Just remind Once

1) What is the meaning of Cloister ?
2) What is the meaning of Construe ?
3) What is the meaning of Contraband ?
4) What is the meaning of Contrite ?
5) What is the meaning of Conundrum ?

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